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How does U.S. GASOLINE PRICE GUARANTEE keep prices of gasoline the same for consumers even though prices change daily?

U.S. GASOLINE PRICE GUARANTEE has contracts in oil and gasoline which allows us to lock in the purchase price of gasoline, thus we are able to provide you gasoline at the fixed price of the day you make your purchase regardless of the changes thereafter.

What’s the price per gallon U.S. GASOLINE PRICE GUARANTEE charges me when I purchase the Gallon Card and are there any fees involved?

The price per gallon USGPG charges is the same price gasoline is on the given day you choose to buy your gallons; there are NO FEES or surcharges.

Is the gallon card available for diesel as well?

Yes it is.

Is there refund if I change my mind?

You are entitled to a full refund if the card is unused within 14 days.

What if gas prices drop, do I lose money?

You purchase gallons at a fixed price and can use those gallons any time. The GALLON CARD and the gallons you purchased should not be looked upon as a dollar amount or funds but rather simply as gasoline gallons.

Which gas stations accept the GALLON CARD?

The gallon card is accepted at any gas station where MasterCard is accepted. You can use your gasoline and fill up your vehicle at any gas station of your choice any time. However, the only gas station currently not included is ARCO.

Is there a minimum amount of gallons I have to use from the card when I am refilling my vehicle?

No there isn’t, if you purchase 1000 gallons and you use only 10 then your remaining balance would be 990 gallons, if you use another 20 gallons then you would have 970 gallons left on your card and so on.

What gasoline grade do I get to use on my gallon card?

You chose the grade of gasoline you intend to use during your normal fill up at the pump, for example if you always use grade 89 gasoline to fill up then that’s the gasoline grade you would always use.

Can I reload my GALLON CARD once I have used all my gallons?

Yes you may, however keep in mind prices of gasoline per gallon varies and thus the price you refill your card will vary accordingly.

What’s the GALLON CARD similar to that I might already know?

The GALLON CARD is similar to a calling card, where you pay a set price for an amount of minutes until they are used up.

Can I make changes to my gallon card after I have used it?

Yes you can, if for example you started out with a gallon card that provides you with 89 gasoline grade and say you upgraded your car and now you desire to use 91 gasoline grade instead,simply give us a call and well adjust your card accordingly (keep in mind that 91 gasoline grade costs more than 89 gasoline grade thus the amount of gallons remaining will be reduced by the appropriate proportion or increased in a situation where you switch to a lower gasoline grade).

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